The Meaning of Life

Who are we? Why do things happen? Sometimes it takes a major life experience to wake us up. It could be a near death experience, it was in my case. I was in an auto accident. Airborne in a Corvette over a gully at over a 100 miles per hour I saw my life flash before my eyes. It was more like watching a movie. Time stopped to allow me to review  my life experiences so far. Then we hit. During the healing process, all I could think of was the disappointment in what I had seen during the life flash experience. My life was so insignificant and meaningless.  I also had the realization, that somehow, I was more than this physical body. It was my first conscious experience as soul. Years of seeking led me to the teachings of Eckankar.  Karma, Past lives, Dreams and Soul Travel all make sense now. Life has a purpose and a direction.  Do yourself a favor and learn more about it by visiting their main web site at Learn how the Sound and Light of God can change your life.

The oak in winter has a spiritual meaning to me. It has cast off itís past attachments and is ready to begin a new growth cycle.

If you canít travel to Chanhassen MN to see the Temple of ECK, you can do it in the dream state. Click on the picture for a tour.

The Accident - the whole story

The Flight - learning some lessons

Transformation, a short soul travel experience


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