By Gene Thompson

The seeker stood on the edge of the abyss. A cold, bitter wind bit into his face as he looked out over the barren wasteland that lay in front of him. Above him, a storm raged, furiously moving  dark clouds in a spectacular whirlpool that spread to the horizon in all directions. The ridge on which he stood was barren of all life save himself, and the dull reddish rocks added to the gloominess of the place. This was a dark, cold, dead, miserable place, and as he stood there shivering he wondered what was happening to him. Why was he here? Life had been very hard lately, and it had led him to this place. He was at an impasse, it was  impossible to go back, and going forward was beyond his knowledge.

A rock near the edge had a broad flat top, and offered an opportunity to sit and reflect on his position. Crossing his legs under him and closing his eyes, he attempted to clear his mind of his  problems. He began to sing HU, an ancient name for God that had so often soothed, and strengthened him in the past.

He soon found himself in a warm, rich, grassy meadow with a lively, bubbling brook winding its lazy way across it. The Mahanta was sitting on a rock near the stream waiting for him. The seeker walked over and sat next to his beloved teacher, but neither spoke. He wanted to ask if it was really necessary for life to be as hard as it was, but he already knew the answer. Life ran in cycles for him, with wild swings between ecstasy and depression.

While they sat, an inner communication began to take place. The seeker’s attitude started to change as thoughts and feelings flowed between them. They seldom spoke when they met, the true teachings coming through the heart when it was open, bringing wisdom and understanding. Soon, the confusion and pain were gone, and he was ready to move on.

The seeker found himself back on the ridge again, feeling the cold, bitter wind. As he surveyed his bleak surroundings, his mind was clear, and his heart was open. The Mahanta was still with him, but was not visible in this level of consciousness. The seeker looked up and put his love and attention on calming the dark, tumultuous sky. The whirlpool slowed and began to dissipate, allowing the warming rays of the sun to shine through.

He allowed the love to flow through him into this world, and it began to change quickly. With a roar, a mighty waterfall appeared a few hundred yards to his right. It crashed down onto the level  bellow, forming a river that created lakes as it cut its way across this new land. His previously bleak surroundings were becoming alive with color. Patches of green in a myriad of shades were popping up every where. Some of  these grew into bushes that bloomed in vibrant shades of white, violet, and red, Others became the mighty conifers, with their tall, straight, golden brown trunks reaching up into the now deep blue sky.

An eagle cried as it soared overhead, thanking the seeker for allowing him into his world. Other life was now abundant. Chipmunks and squirrels scurried across the rocks, while a mountain lion,  sprawled out on a ledge, was soaking up some sun.

The seeker walked to the edge of the cliff and surveyed his new surroundings. The power of love had transformed this world from one of confinement and despair to one of freedom and hope. He had  relearned a valuable lessen of life. He alone was responsible for creating his own worlds.

He opened his eyes and looked out the window at a colorful fall scene. The grove of trees outside was turning earlier than its neighbors in the area. The leaves were of a golden yellow hue, and  contrasted nicely against the light green background of the more distant trees. With each gust of wind, a few leaves would let go and float gently to the ground. Already, a golden carpet spread away from the house untill it met with the lush green grass of the yard next door.

His attention went back to his computer screen, which was full of charts and graphs. He knew that however bad things got, he could always count on the Mahanta’s love and guidance to help him overcome his problems. His inner and outer worlds were of his own creation, and he alone was responsible for managing them.


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