You’ve probably heard them all before.

“A boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into”

“Sailing is like standing under a cold shower with all your clothes on while tearing up $100 dollar bills”



Now & Zen



The difference between a sailboat and a powerboat is; if you have a sailboat you go sailing, if you have a powerboat you go places.

We enjoy all boats for their different uses. And where you live will change your needs. When we first moved to California in the early 80’s, I felt a strong urge to sail on San Francisco Bay. We fell in love with the old world charm of a wooden sailboat named Rivendell. We left it behind when we moved to New England in the mid 80’s. Living on a lake in NE Connecticut, runabouts were the correct choice. Mystique was our 2nd speedboat, and was a true classic. The other lake boats can be seen on the Bungee Lake page. But New England also offered some excellent cruising grounds in Long Island Sound, and Shanti  was perfect for making maximum usage of our limited free time. When we moved back to California in the 90’s we brought the boats with us. But our usage of powerboats on the Bay and Delta dropped off so we sold them. I quickly found that my addiction to the water was too strong, and within a couple of months bought Now & Zen. 6 years later Now & Zen has gone to a nice new family. Now Santosha has been found after a long search.