Split Backstay Adjuster

Now & Zen gets a new backstay adjuster.

I had tired of the backstay adjuster on my boat (78N30-II) and had decided to modify it to a newer style. It had a standard block and tackle (same as a boom vang) connected to two pulleys on the split backstays and center connected on the transom. It was always in the way for getting over the stern and made it impossible for anyone to sit there. It was also difficult to make it work correctly. It would tend to jam in the tensioned position. It drove me crazy. The solution was to split it by adding a "designed for the purpose" split backstay adjuster and a wire cable. The result is a big improvement, being easier to tension and out  of the way.

I made one up from standard parts for about $50. The important part was a "Split Backstay Adjuster " from West Marine. This is made up of two SS plates with 5 pulleys sandwiched in-between. The two pulleys on each side spread the load on the split backstays nicely. The 5th pulley (in the lower center) is for a new 7' wire cable that is attached to the backstay/transom connection on one side and to the  block and tackle on the other side. The wire cable was simple to make by myself with the tools at the marine store.

I wanted a simple connection for the backstay/transom connection points. The solution was to use boom bails and straighten them out. A small bend near the end was needed to align it with the  backstay. I needed to drill these out a bit to fit the pins on the connection points. They were easy to install. I relieved tension on the backstays by using the main halyard as a temporary backstay. It was an easy matter of pulling the pin and sliding the end of the bent boom bail between the forks on the backstay. Connections to the wire are made with D-Shackles.